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My name is Dave Sheahan and I am the creator of Dave Sheahan Home Workout System.

These are my Body For Life Transformation Photos when I was announced as Champion in 2004 having gained 26 Pounds of Lean Muscle, lost 14 Pounds of Fat and I went from a Bodyfat Percentage of 15% to only 5%!

This was a life changing moment for me both in achieving the body of my dreams but also in becoming a true role model as a Body and Mind Transformation Coach.

My Home Workout System wipes out all your excuses and is the ultimate home training system. Within 6 weeks YOU TOO will have created a new lifestyle and have banished the bad habits and subconscious roadblocks which have haunted you UP UNTIL NOW. If you are ready for a new confident, vibrant, sexy you then this is your solution. You will also experience the life changing effect Body and Mind Transformation will have on your life. It will never be the same again. That is why I have created this incredible opportunity.

Does this sound like you :

  • I can’t afford to join the gym or hire a personal trainer
  • I never have time to workout
  • I must clean up and fix that gym equipment in the garage and start using it
  • I bought home equipment but don’t know how to use it and can’t motivate myself to use it
  • I am so confused with so many conflicting programs and diet plans that I don’t know what to do

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DISCOVER TODAY! How The Home Workout System :

  • Will save You Thousands of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, diet pills, exercise equipment …….
  • Will save Years of Your life usually spent wasting time on ineffective and senseless exercise and nutrition programs for minimal or no results
  • Destroys the “No Time” excuse enabling you to sculpt Your Dream Body exercising just 15 minutes a day
  • Reveals how you can build the Ultimate Home Gym for less than $100 with enough equipment that you will never have to spend a cent again
  • Clears up all the BS regarding Exercise and Nutrition and educates you on the True FACTS and Reveals the most effective fat loss and body sculpting strategies from 20 Years of extensive research.


“This Coaching program is awesome…. and has made a massive difference not just physicially but mentally”

Gary Bottomley, 55, from Hamilton, New Zealand lost 14Ibs and 15cm off his waist on my 6 Week Coaching Program. Gary has since gone on to complete a 10km, half marathon, full marathon and soon he will compete in his 2nd full marathon.


Would you like to experience these transformations in just 6 weeks?


Kim Miller, 53, Cambria, California


Rick Smith, 58, Cambria, California

Guys just imagine :

  • When YOU banish Your love handles forever so that the only thing she can grab are Your muscles
  • When YOU have a washboard stomach with an 8 pack, – forget the 6 pack!!
  • When YOU have a lean sculpted physique with muscular arms and the sought after v shaped back

Ladies just imagine :

  • When YOU Have sexy curvy tight toned hips, ass and thighs with legs to die for
  • When YOU have slender toned arms and shoulders with no bingo wings in sight
  • When YOU lose that belly fat to leave you with a flat toned midsection
  • When YOU see dramatic reduction in cellulite on Your bum, thighs and arms

Have You a burning Desire to finally Create Your Dream Body? Are You prepared to take control back over Your Body, Mind and Life?

36 different Workouts over the 6 Week Program

Workouts for when travelling or limited time

Educational videos on exercise, nutrition and sleep

Creating your success mindset Video

System Exercise demonstration video

How to use this system to maximise effectiveness video and how you can
use it to do workouts of duration 15 -50 minutes

Flexibility routine video

Digital version of my book on site and can be downloaded

Digital version of Creating Success Mindset Workbook and Mindset Training Journal (can be downloaded)

Digital version of Workout Journal (downloadable)

<Digital version of Nutrition Journal (downloadable)

Digital Version of Sleep Journal (downloadable)

Access to 100s of recipes and cooking videos

Audios of all 36 workouts

Audios of all educational videos on exercise, nutrition and sleep

Exercise demonstration audio

How to use this system to maximise effectiveness audio and how you can use it to do workouts of duration 15 – 50 minutes

Creating Your Success Mindset Audio

Transcripts of all audio/video material – educational and instructional

Bodyfat Calculation

Progress chart

Acces to LIVE Q & A Calls

Forum for interaction with Fellow Members

24/7 Support via live chat, email and skype

Regular Accountability Calls from one of our Coaching Team

Review and feedback by our coaches on your training sessions and nutrition logs 

No More Excuses…

  • Workout From Your Home
  • No Need for Fancy Expensive Gym Equipment
  • Your Personal 1 to 1 Coach


6 Week Money Back Guarantee

If After 6 Weeks Dave Sheahan Home Workout System Does Not Live Up To Your Expectation You Will Receive a Full Refund


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